Tasting Notes Noh Whisky 13 Year Old Single Cask: A Hidden Gem

Noh Whisky presents a delightful mystery. While the exact distillery origin remains unknown, it’s believed to be sourced from the now-closed Karuizawa distillery in Japan. Known for its high-quality single malts, Karuizawa produced whiskies matured in various cask types, often resulting in unique and complex expressions. This particular Noh 13-Year-Old bottling, matured in Sherry Butt #869, offers a tantalizing glimpse into the brilliance of Karuizawa’s single malts.

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Tasting Notes Noh Whisky 13-Year-Old


Deep amber or even a burgundy color, hinting at the depth of flavor within.


The initial aroma explodes with an intoxicating complexity. Savory notes of wet forest floor and tobacco leaves mingle with the sweetness of dried fruits (raisins, prunes), and a balance of dark chocolate.  A whisper of smoke and sulfur adds an intriguing layer, which dissipates with time.


The palate mirrors the complexity of the nose. Here, the sherry influence takes center stage, delivering a burst of bitter chocolate and a surprising touch of saltiness. Hints of orange peel and dark honey emerge alongside a deep oakiness, a testament to the years spent in the cask. Despite its cask strength, the alcohol integrates beautifully, leaving a smooth and luxurious mouthfeel.


The finish is medium-bodied and slightly oily, with a touch of drying tannin from the oak cask.

Overall Impression

The Noh 13-Year-Old Single Cask is a complex and flavorful whisky. The sherry cask influence adds sweetness and richness, while the underlying malt character provides a foundation for additional savory and spicy notes. The smokiness and sulfur hints are interesting elements, adding intrigue to the overall experience. 

Noh Whisky 13 years old - Single Cask - Sherry butt - Karuizawa Distillery - Review


Due to the limited nature of Noh whiskies and the Karuizawa Distillery closing, finding a bottle is a treasure hunt. If you’re a fan of sherry-matured whiskies or enjoy exploring unique Japanese single malts, the Noh 13-Year-Old Single Cask would be a special treat (if you can find it!).

If you have the opportunity to try a Noh 13-Year-Old, be sure to share your tasting experience and see how it compares.


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