Allison Parc’s Journey To The Global Whiskey Scene Of…

Gavin and Allison met at a Scotch and Time tasting event in Brooklyn around five years ago when Gavin already had a significant following on Rolex whiskey. Allison was a professional ballerina for much of her life and only started working in the whiskey business after she finished her career as a ballerina.

Gavin asked Allison why she gravitated towards whiskey, and Allison said it was because she got her first salaried job in the industry. They both reminisced on the Scotch and Time event and how it was the start of Jenna’s journey in the whiskey world.

A 21-year-old with no experience with alcohol was invited to happy hour by a colleague. When they arrived at the bar, the only drink available was a Cosmopolitan. The colleague explained that they would drink the cocktails, but the 21-year-old had never tried one before. When they tried to drink it, the Cosmopolitan flew across the room. To avoid paying for the drink or the dry cleaning, the 21-year-old decided to try whiskey instead, selecting it based on the glassware it was served in.