Bourbon Enthusiast, Jonny Lieberman, Talks About Love for Whiskey…

In the latest enthralling episode of the Rolex Whiskey Passion project, we delve into the spirited world of whiskey aficionados with our guest, Jonny Lieberman. A versatile individual whose love for bourbon is as profound as his expertise in cars, Jonny takes us on a journey through his personal whiskey discoveries and the transformative experiences that shaped his palate.¬†From a revelatory tasting of a 16-year-old Hirsch at a brewers’ conference to stumbling upon the legendary Black Maple Hill bourbon, Jonny shares foundational moments that propelled him into the ever-evolving universe of whiskey collecting. The conversation meanders through the halcyon days when rare whiskies like Pappy Van Winkle sat on shelves at attainable prices, offering a nostalgic glimpse into a past era of bourbon hunting.