Collector and Founder of Universal Whisky Experience Mahesh Patel

Mahesh Patel founder of Universal Whisky Experience, Avid Connoisseur and Whisky Collector, made history when buying the world’s first most expensive whisky bottle ‘The Dalmore Trinitas’ valued at $165,000 back in October 2010.

Since then he has been made keeper of the Quaich – a society at the heart of the Scottish whisky industry and became the Freeman of City of London and livery man for the worship company of distillers for his contribution in the whisky industry and has been featured in many television interviews talking about his passion for whisky since his teen years, and making his dream come to life with the launch of Universal Whisky and its first super tasting event (The Nth – Ultimate Whisky and Spirits Experience) in Las Vegas.

Since the launch of Universal Whisky Experience, Mahesh Patel with his pioneering ability and vision has gone on to create the world’s best Whisky experiences internationally and locally opening and tasting some of the world’s most expensive whiskies granting exclusive access in the world of whisky.