Denver Cramer discusses his unexpected journey in the whiskey…

On today’s show, we have Denver Kramer, co-founder of the glassware company Denver and Liely. Denver has been in the whiskey industry for quite some time and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. In this episode, we will delve into his journey in the whiskey industry and the creation of his glassware company. He shares how his love for whiskey developed during his university years and how he transitioned from drinking whiskey with mixers to appreciating it on its own. 

Denver and Liely started as a Christmas present to family and friends. What began as a small project quickly grew into a successful business. Denver’s journey with whiskey began in his university years, starting with whiskey and Coke and gradually transitioning to appreciating the whiskey on its own. Denver and Liely’s glassware is designed to enhance the whiskey-tasting experience.