Elixir To Go With H. Joseph Ehrmann

The modern “Cocktail Renaissance” began over a decade ago when a few pioneers around the country re-ignited the bar scene by introducing drink programs that focus on quality, creativity, and history, and by bringing hospitality back to the bar scene. H. Joseph Ehrmann is one of those pioneers. 

Over the past thirteen years, he has built Elixir into a bar that many publications have called one of the “Best in America”. Elixir To Go is our way of bringing all of that passion, knowledge, quality, and service to your event.

The 11th proprietor of San Francisco’s second oldest saloon (Elixir), H. Joseph Ehrmann is recognized as a pioneer in the revitalization of cocktail culture today. The saloon reopened as Elixir in 2003 and soon garnered awards and press for its innovative cocktails, excellent service, and engaging events. Since the beginning, customers requested all of those qualities be delivered to their own events, and thus, Elixir To Go was born.