From Humble Beginnings to Whiskey Aficionado With Devin Velardi

Whiskey has long seduced the palates of enthusiasts around the globe, offering a depth of flavor and a richness of tradition that few other spirits can match. In an engaging dialogue with whiskey aficionado Devin Velardi, we delve deep into the heart of whiskey culture and its burgeoning avenues. The conversation touches on Velardi’s personal whiskey experiences, the development of the American Single Malt, and meaningful encounters in the industry. Whiskey’s allure isn’t beholden to any single factor, but rather a culmination of experiences that progress from youthful trials to mature appreciation. Devin Velardi recounts an early encounter with whiskey that was less than inviting—a 1978 or 1980 bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label—but it was this initial bracing taste that paved the way for his nuanced understanding and passion for whiskey in later years.