Jon Cecil AKA Bourbon Goggles

Today’s guest is Jon Cecil.  He has been in the bourbon game since about 2008, when he fell in love with whiskey.  Prior to that, Jon enjoyed rum, but after college, he realized he lived in Kentucky and should probably figure out what the deal was with the products that proudly called his state home.  Jon went on the bourbon trail and was immediately hooked. 

He started trying everything he could get my hands on.  Around 2012, he realized that these bottles were becoming harder to find, so Jon was selective in finding them, hunting out that stuff that a few years later would become rare and impossible. We built a collection that spanned just about every Kentucky distillery and beyond. Hosting people for bourbon tastings and spreading the good word of bourbon became one of my favorite things to do. 

Jon moved around a lot, around Louisville, lived in Vienna, Austria for a short period, to Richmond, Virginia, and finally back to Louisville.  Once he was back and settled, he finally was able to buy a house.  Over the course of the prior 10 years, Jon had been thinking about and imagining my dream man cave. He knew one thing, It had to have a hidden entrance. He bought my house in 2019, and when covid hit in early 2020, he  found my chance to build this room.