Justin Jesser from Whiskey Decision PART 2

In part 2 of this conversation, Gavin and Justin Jesser discussed whiskey collecting and the industry’s authenticity challenges. They delved into topics like the evolving consumer base, conducting blind tastings, and educating others about unique finds. Gavin shared insights on his experiences with whiskey collecting, aiming to provide value through relationships with brands while staying true to his principles. Insights focused on identifying valuable bottles, savoring unique flavors, and creating memorable moments while investing wisely.┬áThe discussion extended to social media presence for authentic sharing of knowledge about whiskies and promoting quality products over marketing gimmicks. Both expressed dedication to enhancing whiskey appreciation globally through genuine insights rather than trend-following. The meeting concluded warmly with mutual appreciation for contributions to the industry, emphasizing the importance of real connections in fostering a deep-rooted passion for whiskey. Their exchange showcased a blend of investment savvy, passion for spirits, and fostering genuine connections through shared appreciation for fine whiskies.