Nine Generations Of Family Whiskey With Finn Thomson

Single cask bottlings by one of Scotland’s oldest whisky families, Finn Thomson Whisky has been Distilling, blending, trading, and selling for nine generations and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. 

Finn Thomson may have gone the farthest and spent the most in demonstrating that whisky is in his DNA, commissioning specialist research to investigate the family connections with whisky. Finn was able to construct a comprehensive back story that formed the plot for a glossy high-production value advertisement film that has “Finn” running up Scottish mountains to oversee his. 

Where some indie bottlers struggle to sustain the backstory after a little scrutiny, Finn Thomson’s relatives were significant characters in the whisky business. The company website states that in 1772 James Thomson was running an illicit still. In 1838 the Thomson family acquire the tiny Grandtully Distillery. The distillery output was just 5,000 gallons a year (a cottage industry, really); it closed in 1910 after Prime Minister Lloyd George increased taxes.