Raj Sabharwal discusses his journey in the world of…

Raj Sabharwal, founding partner of Glass Revolution Imports, joins Gavin to discuss his journey in the whiskey industry. Raj shares his early experiences with whiskey, including growing up in Canada and drinking Canadian whiskey and Scotch. He also talks about his first taste of Glenfiddich and how it sparked his interest in single malts. Raj then delves into the challenges and successes of launching Amrut single malts in the US market and the growth of the Indian whiskey industry. He also discusses the expansion of Glass Revolution Imports’ portfolio to include other world single malts, such as Blackadder and Bimber. Raj reflects on the evolution of the whiskey landscape and the increasing popularity of world single malts. He emphasizes the importance of education and the role of Glass Revolution Imports in introducing and promoting unique and high-quality whiskeys to the US market.