Ryan Mills and Gavin engage in a detailed discussion about their whiskey passion, exploring various types of whiskeys and the whiskey-making process. They emphasize authenticity in social media, focusing on genuine enjoyment over popularity. Ryan shares his whiskey tasting events and collaborations within the whiskey community, highlighting the educational and enjoyable aspects of whiskey exploration. Personal Spirits Collections and Rolex Whisky Passion Project gavin and Ryan engaged in a light-hearted discussion about their personal collections of opened and unopened bottles of spirits, with Ryan estimating he had around 350 bottles. They shared their drinking habits and strategies for managing their collections. The conversation then transitioned to the introduction of Ryan to the Rolex Whisky Passion Project, a platform for passionate whisky enthusiasts. gavin expressed his interest in helping more people get to know Ryan through this platform. Whiskey and Cigar Preferences Discussed Ryan and gavin shared their early experiences and preferences regarding whiskey and other alcoholic beverages. They both recalled their initial introductions to whiskey, which were not typically consumed neat, and often accompanied by cigars. Ryan’s family had a significant influence on his love for cigars, while gavin found cigars to be a way to control his environment. They also delved into their cultural backgrounds and how it influenced their drinking preferences, with gavin’s Italian heritage leading him to appreciate digestifs like Sambuco, and Ryan’s exploration of different types of whiskey gravitating towards smoky, peaty Scotch. They also shared their past drinking habits, with Ryan admitting to a fondness for Long Island Iced Teas and gavin revealing his late introduction to Bourbon. Whisky Appreciation and Isle of Skye Experiences gavin and Ryan shared their experiences and appreciation for different types of whiskies, particularly the Isla Scotch. gavin, who had recently visited the Isle of Skye, described it as a “happy place” with a unique atmosphere, where the pace of life seemed to slow down and the distilleries provided employment for the local community. They both agreed on the importance of slowing down to appreciate the different flavors and notes in whiskies. The conversation also touched on the history and production of whiskies, from ancient Mesopotamia to modern times, and the influence of peating and other processes on the finished product. Developing Authentic Social Media Presence gavin and Ryan discussed the development of Ryan’s social media presence, particularly on Instagram and TikTok. Ryan shared that his authentic and relatable approach to content creation, centered around his passion for luxury items like cigars and whisky, has attracted a dedicated following. Both gavin and Ryan emphasized the importance of realness in their content creation, describing their social media platforms as a form of education and a way to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with others. They both agreed that the journey and process of creating content was more important than the end result, and that a genuine and authentic approach was key to building a loyal audience. Food and Drink Pairings, Whiskies, and Community gavin and Ryan discussed their love for experimenting with food and drink pairings, particularly the combination of Glendronic 18 sherry and mac and cheese. They also shared their experiences with promoting and enjoying whiskies, with gavin sharing his encounter with a couple who had been drinking Mcallen for 50 years, inspiring him to try new spirits. Ryan highlighted the importance of helping people experience different types of whiskies and the joy of discovering new favorite drinks. He also spoke about the unique experiences that come with being in the whisky industry and the importance of the community they’ve built through various platforms. Whiskey Passion and Community Bonding Ryan and gavin shared their love for whiskey and how it led them to become part of a wider community. Ryan revealed how his passion began as a challenge to his wife’s lack of interest, but quickly developed into a source of friendship and enjoyment. gavin jokingly mentioned his wife’s watchful eye over his involvement, but also acknowledged the depth of his own commitment. Both expressed appreciation for the connections made and the excitement of discovering and appreciating fine spirits. Ryan’s partner’s discerning palate and ability to spot rare bottles was admired, and gavin showed interest in involving his own wife in this hobby as a bonding activity for their families.