Spirited Tracie LLC With Tracie Franklin

Tracie Franklin is a whiskey educator, marketing consultant, public speaker, bartender, and distillation apprentice who lives in Washington D.C. She is a trained actress and singer who traveled the world performing but now uses those skills to share her passion and knowledge for whiskey with diverse groups. She has appeared as a spirits expert on local and National media including; LIVE on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Forbes, Chilled, and Imbibe magazine. 

After recognizing the lack of diversity in the whiskey category, she co-founded a whiskey marketing company called Whersky which created inclusive and educational events for ALL whiskey drinkers. Her curiosity and passion for whiskey led to opportunities to study and distill alongside legendary whiskey personalities. Eventually, she became an ambassador and had jobs representing numerous whisky brands including; Glenfiddich, Angel’s Envy, Ardbeg, Johnnie Walker, and Hudson whiskey. She is currently studying distillation and leadership with the Nearest and Jack Advancement Initiative.