The Legendary World of Samaroli Whiskey: A Journey of…

Chris Bittner’s journey with Samaroli began with a chance encounter in New York City. He met Antonio Bleve, the CEO of Samaroli, during a tasting event. Little did Chris know that this meeting would change the course of his life. He recalls his first taste of Samaroli whiskey, saying, “I was very immediately blown away by it.” This initial encounter sparked his curiosity and set him on a path to discover more about this unique brand. To understand the significance of Samaroli, one must delve into its rich history. Samaroli is the first non-British, non-Scottish independent bottler of whiskey. It all started in the aftermath of World War II when whiskey became a cultural indulgence in Italy. Italian entrepreneurs like Silvano Samaroli saw an opportunity to bring Scotch whiskey to the Italian market.