The Whiskey Renaissance: A Conversation with Zach Johnston of…

Whiskey has carved its own path through the ages, transforming from a spirit enjoyed by select few to a universal symbol of sophistication, tradition, and innovation. In a rich conversation with Zach Johnston, the Drinks Editor for UPROXX Life, we unearth the layers that define whiskey’s past, present, and potential. Johnston’s narrative unveils personal tales, industry evolution, and the beating heart of whiskey culture. Whiskey’s modern rebirth isn’t merely about the liquid itself; it’s a story of rediscovery—a journey back to its roots in craftsmanship and regional heritage. As Johnston recalls, “…there’s so much room and so much space to do stuff where your imagination is the only limit.” Gone are the days when whiskey was a one-note song; today’s tune is a complex symphony appealing to a broader audience.