Whiskey Enthusiast Opens Specialized Bottle Shop in Washington

The world of whiskey and luxury spirits doesn’t just revolve around the enjoyment of complex flavors and rare finds—it’s an intricate dance of passion, business savvy, and community building. In today’s episode with Glen McCallum, co-owner of McCallum and Sons Whiskey Co., we delve into the intricacies of running a whiskey specialty store, the journey from passion to profession, and the importance of creating a community around a beloved spirit. Whiskey aficionados often dream about turning their passion into a vocation. Glen’s journey from being an army officer to a whiskey boutique co-owner is a case study of channeling one’s enthusiasm into entrepreneurship. One pivotal experience, a visit to a whiskey boutique in Dublin, painted a vivid picture of what a specialized retail store could offer: an array of selections, expert knowledge, and an impressive presentation that turns buying spirits into an experience.