Whisky A Go Girl Jenna Elie

Also known as “Whisky A Go Girl”, Jenna is a self-made whisky writer and blogger. After her husband introduced her to single malt whisky at their home in Los Angeles, she dove nose-first into the world of spirits.

Now having enjoyed incredible drams all over the world, she continues to make a name for herself, working as a brand ambassador and educating people about whisky.

From https://www.whiskyagogirl.com:

I’m so happy to have you here, in this space and hope that you learn something new and exciting about whisky, rum, gin, and more! I fell in love with whisky many years ago and it has since thrust me down the rabbit hole of distilled spirits! I very much enjoy diving in nose first and sharing my discoveries, adventures, and reviews, all while educating in a fun and welcoming environment!